Diagnosis Stories

The road to diagnosis for autistic adults can be a difficult one. Women in particular are often misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or even psychosis. Reasons given for why we don’t have autism range from being adult, being female, being able to make eye contact, being able to interact, and so on.

This lack of knowledge amongst medical professionals is something we’re targeting as an organisation, and it would be helpful to have your stories to support (or refute) our concerns! If you breezed through the diagnosis process that’s great! And it would be good to know about that too, so others can see it’s not always a struggle.

Leigh’s story

Shellique’s story

Whether your journey was hard or easy, if you’d like your story to be considered for publication on this site, please submit upto 750 words to website@lifeonthespectrum.net

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10 thoughts on “Diagnosis Stories”

  1. I’m 18 years old and I’ve always felt different, I was diagnosed with depression a few years ago, but I’d also get stares and people would ask my family if I was autistic, I finally asked for a formal diagnosis a few months ago, I had an initial assessment with a psychiatrist and I scored 46/60 for aspergers. I’m on the NHS waiting list and its going to take two years for me to be formally diagnosed. I’m really anxious about the wait and I have no idea how the specialist is even going to assess me.

    • I have been on the waiting list for about 2 years and a few days ago I got a call and have been told I will be seen for 2, three hour appointments over February I also have no idea how they will asses me or what they are going to say, I have managed 39 years with suspected Aspergers so have may coping methods to deal with neuro-typicals , epically at work where I am an IT Technician, some of the customers are difficult to deal with.

      Im sure there are other people here who can offer you some good advice on what you may encounter during your assessment.

  2. I blogged a little about the start of my diagnosis journey, but that was over 6 months ago and I’m still not quite at the self-acceptance stage.
    PS I’m in Australia and diagnosis is not offered under Medicare (for adults anyway), and privately it is upwards of $1000.

    [Click on Leonie’s name to see her diagnosis post –Ed]

  3. I was recently diagnosed and misdiagnosed with ADHD (in the military I might add) with AS for a 24 year old almost 25; It’s a really big gap for the self to accept the fact that you are unique to the world. I have always been teased and considered less then my peers. Even made to admit that people didn’t like me in boot camp made me realize that I am unique an’ beautiful to this world in every single way! Accept yourself in every way! Consider that YOU are in fact a truly beautiful individual, it doesn’t matter weather your male, female or somewhere in-between! Please, love yourself for who you are and not what people expect you to be.

  4. I went to my doctors to get referred. He took me seriously but said that it can’t be done under the NHS, any idea why? I have only just started work and cant afford to get it done privately. I’m in the west midlands, near warickshire. Its really starting to stress me out now – I need to know whether I do have HFA/Aspergers.

    • I live in Birmingham and you can be referred under NHS! I had to wait a year but it was done professionally and sympathetically. The psychiatrist took about two hours to ask me questions and then asked me to come back two weeks later for the results. I wrote four pages about my life and anything significant before hand as I knew the procedure would be stressful and I didn’t want to forget anything important. I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for years but it just didn’t feel right. I knew for years I was different and told my doctor so in the end. She didn’t hesitate to refer me. My experience in obtaining a formal diagnosis was a positive one.

  5. Prof Hugo Critchley is in Brighton for NHS, or if you went private, as I had to, Dr connor in Woking is really good, one hour on the train from Havant,,,

  6. Please help! Where on the South Coast is someone with diagnostic ability/knowledge re aspergers? Eileen.

    • Hi Eileen! Do you mean the south coast of the UK? If so, contact the National Autistic Society (phone/email details: https://www.autism.org.uk/enquiry). They have a comprehensive list of diagnostic facilities, and will be able to advise on how to access a suitable referral.

      And please, let me know how you get on :o)

    • Hello,

      Type the Micklem Centre at Winchester into your search engine. This a run by a lady called Dr Jaqui Morgan. They also do diagnosis under the NHS when funding is available. I had my diagnosis here via my GP. They are very good & supportive.

      Hope this helps, besy wishes,

      Pete : )

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