It’s no Excuse

excuse noun /iks-kūz’/* 1. A plea offered in extenuation or explanation, in order to avoid punishment. 2. Pardon or forgiveness. 3. Indulgence. ORIGIN: Latin excusare, from ex from, and causa, a cause or accusation. Excuses are emotionally charged things, in search of absolution. They are what we offer when we’re trying to “get away with” … Read more It’s no Excuse

Detailing the Big Picture

This morning I did well. The small girl’s tooth is hurting, and I needed to tell her teacher about it. Okay, here’s the backstory: many of the small girl’s baby teeth came through calcified, meaning the top layer of hard enamel is soft in places (like chalk), and wears away easily. The upshot is, regardless … Read more Detailing the Big Picture

On Being an Autistic 3-year-old

My first school photograph sits on the bookcase in my study. I say “school”, but it was nursery school and I was just a few weeks past my third birthday. “Awww,” you might have said, or maybe “ahhh.” How cute!
 But you’re not saying that, are you? Because you can see the picture, rather than … Read more On Being an Autistic 3-year-old

The Naming of Toys

               The Naming of Cats                The naming of cats is a difficult matter.                It isn’t just one of those holiday games.                You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter,                When I tell you a cat must have three different names.                                                                                   –T. S. Eliot When I was a kid, my mother bred siamese cats. … Read more The Naming of Toys

What Colour is Monday?

According to Twitter, Monday is: red, yellow, blue, brown, aquamarine, gray, pink, the colours of each letter the word contains (black, white, blue, orange, red, yellow), bigger than Tuesday, male, and “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. Welcome to my world! Days have always been coloured for me, and for many others it … Read more What Colour is Monday?

Smarties: How do you Eat Yours?

The girls’ school PTA handed out tubes of Smarties last week with the invitation to “eat the contents, then return the tube filled with 20ps.” They’ve worked out that each tube holds £9.60 in 20p pieces, so ten-out-of-ten for the fundraising idea! “Ooh, Smarties!” I said (being a lover all chocolate). “Can I have a … Read more Smarties: How do you Eat Yours?

A-Z of Autism

A is for Autism, Asperger’s, Aspies, Ability, Abuse, Attwood, Acceptance. B is for Bullying. C is for Clumsiness, Communication, Colour, Crowds, Confusion, Claustrophobia. D is for Detail, Diagnosis, Doctors, Depression, Disability, Distress. E is for Education, Employment. F is for Focus, Fascination, Friends. G is for Genetics. H is for Humiliation, Honesty, Headphones, Humour. I … Read more A-Z of Autism