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Life on the Spectrum is a UK-based charitable (non-profit) organisation, dedicated to raising awareness of autism, and providing information for autistic people themselves, particularly late-diagnosed adults who find little support elsewhere.

» What is Autism?

If you've never come into contact with autism, you might not know much about it, so here's a brief explanation of what it is, and what it isn't.

» Asperger's Syndrome Resources

We are continuously adding to our range of resources to help you deal with autism-related issues, from identifying your autism, through diagnosis and beyond. We hope to offer understanding and support, with a dash of humour too.

Latest pages:
» Where to Get Help (UK) - New
» Bullying & Abuse - New
» Asperger's in Women
» It's Okay to Want a Diagnosis!
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» The Blog

Tales of living with Asperger's syndrome.

Written by Leigh Forbes, founder of Life on the Spectrum, the blog includes wry observations, coping strategies, a few rants, and occasional displays of smugness when she gets something right for a change.

Latest Posts:
» About Being Bullied, by Anon
» Bullying, Abuse, & Autism: a survey


» Index of Blog Posts

A list of all blog posts, including extracts, publication dates, and tags used, going back to December 2010.

» About Us

Find out more about the people behind Life on the Spectrum, our ambitions and achievements, and find where you can keep in touch with us elsewhere on the internet.

» Make a Donation!

Life on the Spectrum is a charitable (non-profit) organisation, and we reply solely on donations to fund everything we do. We don't have paid ads on the site, because we don't believe they're autism friendly!

By donating, you help to raise awareness and improve the lives of autistic people and their families everywhere.

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Latest Update: 7th November 2014

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