Bullying, Abuse, and Autism: a survey

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Thank you very much to everyone who took part.
Ad hoc results are being tweeted @spectrum_life, and full results will be published in due course.

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Original Post (published 9th January 2014)
Many autistic people experience some kind of bullying/abuse during their lifetimes.

We have compiled a survey, on Survey Monkey, to explore these experiences in a little more detail. If you are autistic, or think you might be autistic, we’d be very grateful if you would take five minutes to look at these 10 questions, to let us know a little about your own experiences. None of the answers you give with identify you in any way, and your anonymity is guaranteed.

How we are defining bullying and abuse:
PHYSICAL abuse doesn’t need to involve black eyes or broken bones; it also includes ANY kind of unwelcome physical contact, e.g. being pushed, hit, slapped, poked/prodded, pinched, spat at, having your hair-pulled, etc. – even if the other person says he/she is “just joking” or “just mucking around”.

PSYCHOLOGICAL abuse includes: being called names and/or made to feel small or humiliated, being threatened, feeling you have to do things you don’t want to do [or can’t do things you want to do] to keep someone happy, having your belongings taken and/or damaged, having someone checking your phone or emails, or always wanting to know where you are and who you’re with, being prevented from seeing your friends/family, someone playing ‘mind games’ with you, sulking with you until you give in, being told “you have no sense of humour” or “you are being unreasonable” or “irrational” when you object to any of the above.

SEXUAL abuse includes: you having to endure ANY kind of kissing or touching that makes you feel uncomfortable (even if you are in a sexual relationship with the other person), and/or sexual contact that you don’t want, but feel you can’t say no to (because of threats, sulking, etc.). It includes non-consensual sexual contact with you while you are asleep, drunk, or under the influence of drugs.

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3 thoughts on “Bullying, Abuse, and Autism: a survey”

  1. We live in such a terrible society currently that bullying is even a normal topic and I hate (strong word I know) that anyone can be bullied. And bullied just because they aren’t the same, they look or act different. A real shame. I hang my head in shame for humanity and the bully!

  2. I keep staring at the first question, blankly, knowing the answer yet somehow unable to click the little box, as if that makes it real, and I can’t just say “you’re just overreacting”.
    Because someone, just overreacting is more comforting than thinking that was real and abusive and… not good.
    Overreacting is under my control, the truth isn’t and it’s scary and horrifying and, worst of all, embarrassing.
    I’ll make sure to fill out the survey, that’s important.

    • Thank you. I can’t say how much I appreciate your acknowledgement of the issues, and being prepared to take part. Seriously, thank you.

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