These links are primarily for adult support
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Facebook Groups
Adults on the Autistic Spectrum (closed group)
FIGS: Fighting Inequality for Girls on the Spectrum (closed group)

If you know of any good groups (on Facebook or other platforms), please leave details in the comments, and I will add them here when I get the chance.

UK Charities
National Autistic Society: The leading UK charity for people with autism and their families, providing information, support and pioneering services, and campaigning for a better world for people with autism.
NORSACA: A leading autism charity based in the Midlands
Aspergers Syndrome Foundation: a Registered Charity based in London, offering a good range of talks and seminars from well-known people in the field.
Action for Aspergers:
 Northamptonshire-based charity.
Asperger East Anglia
Scottish Autism
Borders Aspergers & Autism Support
Dorset Aspergers Support
Autism Sussex
Autism West Midlands

Autism Hampshire
Autism Oxford

Autism Research
Autism Research Centre: Latest research articles from The University of Cambridge. Those diagnosed with a spectrum condition can register and get involved in current research projects.
Autistica: Describing themselves as the UK’s leading autism medical research charity, committed to funding translational

General disability
Equality Challenge Unit: advancing equality and diversity in universities and colleges (UK).

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  1. Really struggling here in the US- it’s like the people in Social Services and the Mental Health Providers are the worst to deal with. Perhaps it’s different in the UK, but in the US they also love to misdiagnose Asperger’s or high functioning ASD as borderline personality disorder. Try having that on your permanent record thanks to a psychiatrist vs. a full battery that “is only for the purposes of evaluation” and carries less if any legal weight and you’re trying to navigate all of this while broke, homeless and stuck in a moving women’s homeless shelter. Yeah, we move weekly. Yeah, like I have anything left to give after navigating the gauntlet of church ladies and shelter mates every night and morning. And they wonder why I tell them I’m tired of crying I public. Basically the the private sector is only just now catching up to reality, so unless you have serious money, you’re stuck with a public section that spends more time pontificating on your need to improve your morals than recognizing your differences. Full disclosure, I probably test higher on the conscientiousness scale than they do, and they terrible at speaking English well largely because they simply parrot whatever script they were handed. I also studied games theory and the daily horror of being subjected to those trained in tautology and unreasoning foolishness is more painful than a person with perfect pitch navigating a world were everyone is flat. I feel like they are trying to force me to become one else in order to get services that the pretend someone else wouldn’t need as they were able to spend years navigating the system for themselves without the help they were applying and interviewing for. And I seriously cannot handle all these meetings to discuss having more meetings. I am so tired of being trapped in a room full of strangers and near strangers all talking about me as though I were fundamentally unrealistic. I’m 41 yr. old woman who reads fucking Heidegger by choice. I know perfectly well that they are all themselves struggling to figured out how to behave appropriately as they are woefully uninformed and it honestly seems to be more about mutual admiration and emotional support than me at all. This is hell. I’m scared to go back to the hospital, but it looks like I have to. Without my ASD bracelet (stolen in the program) or a phone (stolen also. Twice.) that is not an attractive option as legally I’m completely vulnerable. Anybody know anyone across the pond that could help?


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