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UK Charities
National Autistic Society: The leading UK charity for people with autism and their families, providing information, support and pioneering services, and campaigning for a better world for people with autism.
NORSACA: A leading autism charity based in the Midlands

Aspergers Syndrome Foundation: a Registered Charity based in London, offering a good range of talks and seminars from well-known people in the field.
Action for Aspergers:
 Northamptonshire-based charity.
Asperger East Anglia
Scottish Autism
Borders Aspergers & Autism Support
Dorset Aspergers Support
Autism Sussex
Autism West Midlands

Autism Hampshire
Autism Oxford

Autism Research
Autism Research Centre: Latest research articles from The University of Cambridge. Those diagnosed with a spectrum condition can register and get involved in current research projects.
Autistica: Describing themselves as the UK’s leading autism medical research charity, committed to funding translational

General disability
Equality Challenge Unit: advancing equality and diversity in universities and colleges (UK).

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