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As an aspie, one of the hardest aspects of social interaction is knowing that a nuance exists, but not knowing what it means. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I hear people pass judgment about the “tantrums” autistic children have. I remember having those. They weren’t fun. #iamaspie

As an aspie, a hint never even reaches me. I only hear the words spoken; any hidden meaning remains hidden! #iamaspie

As an aspie, I hide behind my sunglasses and earphones like other women hide behind their makeup and fashionable clothes. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t know which rules were “made to be broken”, so I don’t break any of them. Also, I don’t get done for speeding. #iamaspie

As an aspie, it’s been a hard lesson learning to value my own sense of me, rather than others’ misconceptions of me. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I see no epidemic. I’ve always been autistic, it’s just society used to call me by all kinds of other names instead. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I can’t tell if you’re interested in a particular subject. If not, you only need to say. Ridicule isn’t required. #iamaspie

As an aspie, it was a childhood spent being bullied that stunted my potential. Not autism. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I might not be able to pick up your hints that you need to go. Please just say. I won’t be offended. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I took years to see that trying to be normal brings me failure, derision and bullies; but being me just brings calm. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I have suffered much more from trying to be normal, than I ever have from just being me. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I am my own worst enemy. According to people who don’t have autism. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I could be a single man or a married mother of two. I could be your neighbour or your co-worker. I could be anyone. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I might be 42-years-old, but I still knock over my drink! #iamaspie

As an aspie, I consciously process *every* experience. This is akin to you doing long division in your head, all day. Every day. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I might forget your birthday, but I’ll turn out at 3am to fix your computer when you’re on a deadline. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I’m different from others, just as good linguists are different, or those with a flare for art. I am only different. #iamaspie

As an aspie, my quirkiness is celebrated by the many friends who value variety. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t expect you to be good at programming. Please don’t expect me to be good at socialising. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I am not scared of being labelled. All I ask is this: if you must do it, please take care to get it right. #iamaspie

As an aspie, respecting my own limits is my most valuable coping strategy. It makes my day when you respect them too. #iamaspie

As an aspie, people mock me for finding interest in small details. Mocker or “saddo”? I know which I’d rather be :o) #iamaspie

As an aspie, spending time on my own is as refreshing for me, as you spending time with your friends. I’m not sad or lonely. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I can tell you think I’m weird. But from all the way over there you can’t tell I’m funny, quirky & 100% reliable too. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t wear sunglasses because I think I’m a tough chick or a cool babe. I wear them because light hurts my eyes. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I am highly employable: I am honest, hard-working, quick to learn and pay excellent attention to detail. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I find nothing “mild” about Asperger’s syndrome. The more normal I seem, the less aware folk are of my difficulties. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, I find most people as odd as they find me; but oddness shouldn’t be a barrier to mutual patience and co-operation. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, autism is an intrinsic part of who I am. Please don’t tell me it’s just a label! #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t mind being “not normal”. There is beauty in difference, if you’re lucky enough to see it. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, I’m sorry I can’t always do things your way. Sometimes the choice is my way, or full-blown autistic meltdown. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, the “Asperger’s” label is to aid understanding. It describes me, but doesn’t restrict me. It doesn’t scare me either. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, life without autism was never an option. So I don’t compare myself with “normal”, and I don’t suffer as a result. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, I walk into things *despite* taking care, not because I’m careless. #iamaspie

As an aspie, autism makes me who I am, but doesn’t stop me being who I want to be. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, I am as different from other aspies as you are different from anyone else. #iamaspie

As an aspie, a rowdy social gathering distresses me in much the same way as having your head trampled on distresses you. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I am happy to be labelled autistic – which I am – rather than “fussy”, “awkward” and “intolerant” – which I am not. #iamaspie

As an aspie, being aware of the ‘small things’ does not make me pernickety. Detail shouts in my face. It’s impossible to ignore. #iamaspie [photo]

As an aspie, I tire quickly in company. If I’m yawning, I’m not bored – just exhausted – and would love to hear more another time. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I will try to remember to ask how you’re feeling, and (if necessary) what I can do to make you feel better. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t automatically know how you’re feeling. Please don’t use my need to ask as proof that I’m callous. I care. #iamaspie

As an aspie, doing things the same way every time means I don’t have to waste valuable brain space working out a new way. #iamaspie

As an aspie, I don’t say “leave me alone” b/c I’m sulking, but b/c “I need the input to stop” doesn’t translate well into NT! #iamaspie

As an aspie, I speak a different language. If in doubt, please ask for a translation before taking offence. #iamaspie

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