The Ten Stages of a Forgotten Cup of Tea

You decide to have a cup of tea, but later on you find…
1. You forgot to fill the kettle.
2. You filled the kettle, but forgot to switch it on.
3. You remembered to switch it on, but it was still unplugged from the last time.
4. You managed to boil the kettle (twice), but forgot to get the cup or tea bag out.
5. You reboiled the kettle (three times), remembered the cup, and a tea bag, but didn’t get as far as actually adding any water.
6. You remembered to put the water in, but forgot to take the tea bag out.
7. You remembered to take the tea bag out, but forgot to put the milk in.
8. You remembered to put the milk in, but forgot to drink the tea.
9. You drank half a cup, but forgot the rest.
10. You find half a cup of cold tea in the microwave three days later…

How far do you get?

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12 Responses to The Ten Stages of a Forgotten Cup of Tea

  1. Maria says:

    For once, there was a brewed pot of tea at the office. I took a cup of it.

    And put a tea bag in it.

  2. Maria says:

    Oh thank GOODNESS it’s not just me!! On the path to an official diagnosis in July. I love reading posts like this – seemingly insignificant problems that I face each day. But when there’s multiple problems like this: forgotten tea, lost keys, lost phone… Let alone dressing and preparing two small children to leave the house… Oh and ME!

    I’ve just sent this to my husband who is forever berating me about half finished tasks and cups of tea. My previous excuse has always been tiredness, forgetfulness, saying “silly me” which I grew up hearing from my family. Truth is, it was frustrating and confusing for me to have these things constantly happening throughout my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. I would laugh it off, but truthfully feel frustrated and bewildered at how an otherwise intelligent woman couldn’t do these simple tasks.

    Anyway, thank you. Thank you.

  3. Musical Lottie says:

    I first came across this blog yesterday, and I’m finding that the vast majority of the content is making me ever surer of my self-diagnosis :-D thank you very much for your hard work.

    This post really made me laugh aloud – I am forever having to reboil the kettle before I get round to making the cup of tea, then invariably forget all about it. When I eventually remember – or, most likely, wander into the kitchen and rediscover it, – I end up drinking a tepid cup of tannin stew! I’m not sure it can any longer be called ‘tea’ at that stage … Thankfully I’ve never been particularly Aspie about my tea ;-)

    (Smarties, on the other hand, are a completely different case! Your post on the matter also amused me greatly.)

  4. Kate Brown says:

    9. But that’s only because I keep forgetting I have a microwave.

  5. Rosie says:

    Many, many times every single day, I boil the kettle and pour water on a teabag… and get no further. I drive myself loopy with it!

  6. Kath says:

    Number 6 usually.

  7. Jo says:

    #4 :)

  8. This is fantastic! I have gotten to all of the above stages at various times, except that I don’t put milk in my tea.

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