The Ten Stages of a Forgotten Cup of Tea

You decide to have a cup of tea, but later on you find…
1. You forgot to fill the kettle.
2. You filled the kettle, but forgot to switch it on.
3. You remembered to switch it on, but it was still unplugged from the last time.
4. You managed to boil the kettle (twice), but forgot to get the cup or tea bag out.
5. You reboiled the kettle (three times), remembered the cup, and a tea bag, but didn’t get as far as actually adding any water.
6. You remembered to put the water in, but forgot to take the tea bag out.
7. You remembered to take the tea bag out, but forgot to put the milk in.
8. You remembered to put the milk in, but forgot to drink the tea.
9. You drank half a cup, but forgot the rest.
10. You find half a cup of cold tea in the microwave three days later…

How far do you get?

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9 Responses to The Ten Stages of a Forgotten Cup of Tea

  1. Kate Brown says:

    9. But that’s only because I keep forgetting I have a microwave.

  2. Rosie says:

    Many, many times every single day, I boil the kettle and pour water on a teabag… and get no further. I drive myself loopy with it!

  3. Kath says:

    Number 6 usually.

  4. Jo says:

    #4 :)

  5. This is fantastic! I have gotten to all of the above stages at various times, except that I don’t put milk in my tea.

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