Research: Bullying & Abuse

Following our pilot study in early 2014 (see below), we are now developing further research into autism and bullying/abuse, starting with the experiences of autistic adults in the UK; if you are autistic and would like to be involved (you don’t need a formal diagnosis), please sign up to our “research” newsletter here. Alternatively, look out for more information here in the new year.

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Pilot Study
In January 2014, Life on the Spectrum conducted a random online-survey, asking 100 autistic people (with both formal and self-diagnoses) if they had been bullied/abused, what type of bullying/abuse they had experienced, and who had perpetrated it. More detailed findings will be published at a later date, but this graph shows the preliminary results:

a graph showing data detailing abuse of autistic people in terms of type of abuse and age range

More results to follow.


4 thoughts on “Research: Bullying & Abuse”

  1. I’m a 41 yr old woman and was diagnosed by my psychologist a year ago that I have Aspergers. It came to light after I went to see her about another matter, depression. Many times and many psych hospitals later, I was diagnosed with either with depression, bipolar or borderline personality disorder. But then after a while, the psych who originally diagnosed me with something would question the diagnosis, cause I actually don’t truly fit the bill. Anyway, I have three degrees, I very high IQ and a photographic memory. I work as a child protection social worker in Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Oz four years ago [from the UK], as the consultant in the UK advised that we should move to a hotter and drier climate because of my husbands lung difficulties. In a sense in the UK, I did mask my symptoms and I only worked as a locum. This was easier for me, because I could take time off when I felt emotionally exhausted. BUT down under I’ve ran into loads of trouble. I get really badly bullied at work. To the point that I’ve tried to commit suicide two times, then ending up in ICU. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Any suggestions out there????

  2. I’ve just come across this website now & all aspects fit me to a tee.
    I was diagnosed 5 years ago at the age of 18 with aspergers & am still adapting and learning how it affects me and am not finding it easy.
    I have also come across this abuse research and am shocked to see the amount of mental abuse people on the spectrum go through, I thought it was just me, ive just got out of a three and a half year relationship and was being mentally and emotionally abused without realising initially but the more I was told by others what I couldn’t see, I began to realise and eventually got the strength to leave. Since leaving four months ago I’ve really struggled to come to terms with all thats gone on throughout my ordeal and can’t quite believe it, looking back even tho it didnt end long ago, I’m so glad I left! I just hope it doesnt happen again!

  3. I feel I may have autistic traits but am not sure, however I am interested in advancing research.

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