Autism Awareness Day – collected tweets

I speak autism. Even if you don’t want to learn my language, please understand I’m not always able to speak yours. #AutismAwarenessDay — Leigh Forbes (@spectrum_life) April 2, 2013 Having autism is all about being plagued by light, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, words you don’t understand, and people who don’t care. — Leigh Forbes (@spectrum_life) … Read more Autism Awareness Day – collected tweets

What’s Wrong with Labels?

People can’t help but label other people. Our fundamental labels of “friend” or “foe” are essential to basic survival, and the rest lead on from there. Subconsiously, we are asking ourselves “is this person going to hurt me?” or “is this person someone I want to become acquainted with?” or “is this person a potential … Read more What’s Wrong with Labels?

A Mild Form of Autism?

This tweet was prompted by an incident at an autism-awareness event last month. Towards the end of proceedings, I spoke to the assembled company about Asperger’s syndrome being a hidden disability, and how my already considerable difficulties were worsened by society’s expectations of normality. I said I wanted people to understand that, just because I … Read more A Mild Form of Autism?

It’s no Excuse

excuse noun /iks-kūz’/* 1. A plea offered in extenuation or explanation, in order to avoid punishment. 2. Pardon or forgiveness. 3. Indulgence. ORIGIN: Latin excusare, from ex from, and causa, a cause or accusation. Excuses are emotionally charged things, in search of absolution. They are what we offer when we’re trying to “get away with” … Read more It’s no Excuse

A-Z of Autism

A is for Autism, Asperger’s, Aspies, Ability, Abuse, Attwood, Acceptance. B is for Bullying. C is for Clumsiness, Communication, Colour, Crowds, Confusion, Claustrophobia. D is for Detail, Diagnosis, Doctors, Depression, Disability, Distress. E is for Education, Employment. F is for Focus, Fascination, Friends. G is for Genetics. H is for Humiliation, Honesty, Headphones, Humour. I … Read more A-Z of Autism

Finally, it All Added Up

  I didn’t do well at school, and I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. It wasn’t until after my diagnosis (at the age of forty), whilst reading the list of suggested professions in Tony Attwood’s The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome, that I finally realised what I could have … Read more Finally, it All Added Up